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Hi :)

Welcome to thrdfloor ceramics (◕‿◕)
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I’m Adam, and I created this space for the objects I make.


It was the start of 2020 when I reintroduced ceramics back into my life. First with classes at a local studio, then progressing to open studio time, and finally dragging a 100lbs ceramics wheel up the stairs to my 3rd floor Chicago apartment.


I have never sold my work before; creating has been deeply personal and has primarily served to help me better understand myself. I find it grounding to realize an idea that starts in your head into an object you can hold in your hands. These objects become a physical touchstone of my own personal growth, completely frozen in time. After making a new object I'm incredibly proud of, I always joke it will eventually become my most hated. Which has nothing to do with the object, rather that my own personal growth continues while the object remains fixed. I love that juxtaposition—the permanence of the objects I make against the impermanence of my person.

From start to finish, these objects are entirely my own. I drive to pick up my clay, hand wedge, throw, trim, hand paint, fire, and glaze my work. All of this happens in my 3rd floor walkup apartment (minus the firing, I think that would violate some part of my rental agreement). A lot of my person goes into each object I make and for the longest time I didn’t feel comfortable selling my work. Truthfully, I was not comfortable with sharing that part of myself. I am happy to finally be in a place where I am ready to change that.

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